[mythtv] Problem compiling dvb patch

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Thu May 8 10:04:45 EDT 2003

The DVB driver that the code was originally built against was the last stable release (1.02 I think?)

May be worth trying against the headers from that as well?

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Leandro Dardini wrote:

>dvbdev.c:167: parse error before `app_buf'
>I use your latest release, dvb-24 and I use cvs dvb driver from linuxtv.org
It doesn't know about the typedef, I have no idea why :-(. I see that it 
fails with exactly that error with gcc 2.95, but compiles with 3.2. I 
also compiles with 2.95 in C++ mode.

typedef struct append_buffer_st
{ ...
} append_buffer;

  append_buffer app_buf;

  append_buffer* app_buf;
compiles, BTW.

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