[mythtv] [Feature Request] Archiving Shows

Keir Christian Lauritzen keir at wam.umd.edu
Wed May 7 14:29:54 EDT 2003

I noticed the trancoding patches floating around, used to remove
comercials (as far as I could tell).  I wanted to make a feature request
to add a feature to use this functionality to reencode the shows down to
~200MB (about 3 per vcd) for archival.  It would be great as a addition to
the delete recordings or watch recodings function.  I would really
appreciate this functionality being incorporated into mythtv.  The current
size is great for watching live or for the first time, but for archiving
shows it is an inconvenient size.  I know you are supposed to be able to
use mencoder, but If mythtv could do it and use the information in the db
to name it and was easily available it would be wonderful. Thanks and keep
up all the good work, myth rocks.

I apologize if this isn't the proper place for this.

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