[mythtv] MythMkMovie (OT: PGP sig)

Matthew S. Hallacy poptix at techmonkeys.org
Wed May 7 07:24:02 EDT 2003

On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 07:39:32PM -0400, Michael J. Pedersen wrote:
> > 
> > Judging from the raw message, he probably has a problem with his PGP
> > signature...?
> Dangit. I'll work on fixing that. I'm using mutt 1.3.28. For now, I'll
> stop using PGP sigs until I can fix it. Anybody got some time for me to
> play email tag for a bit with them? Ideally, somebody who's seeing my
> empty emails?

It's not broken, your PGP signatures are showing up as valid, and the text
of your messages are there. The problem is not /your/ mail agent =)

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