[mythtv] Missed recordings

Peter Marriott peter at bms.net.au
Wed May 7 16:14:50 EDT 2003

One thing with the overrecord that I have noticed is if I have one show "A"
recording on capture card 1 and another show "B" due to start recording on a
different channel at the same time that show "A" finishes, the overrecord is
not done on show "A", even though potentially "A" could have kept recording
with the overrecord and "B" could have started on capture card 2.

Is the way I seem to see it working currently the way it is supposed to be?
I might look at the code to see if I can resolve it if it is not.

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On Wednesday 07 May 2003 02:07 am, Kevin Hjelden wrote:
> not to sound stupid, but what are each of your record before/after end of
> show settings? It would seem that if you have more than 0, then it will
> record after the show and not be able to start recording the next one
> because it's already into the next hour.
> If I'm completely off base, then let me know :)

My overrecord time is 5 minutes -- the over record time is completely
'optional' to the encoder, and can get cut short if it wants to record
something before that time is up.

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