[mythtv] Missed recordings

Kevin Hjelden mythtv at burntpopcorn.net
Wed May 7 00:07:22 EDT 2003

not to sound stupid, but what are each of your record before/after end of
show settings? It would seem that if you have more than 0, then it will
record after the show and not be able to start recording the next one
because it's already into the next hour.

If I'm completely off base, then let me know :)


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> > >I'm not seeing this.  Just did two back-to-back recordings with one
> > >worked fine.
> >
> > I'll dig deeper - probably an EBCAK (error between chair and keyboard)
> > on my part :-)
> I'm not sure -- I'm seeing the same problem.  It works fine when both
> shows are on the same channel but not when they're different.  This is
> still with a week-old CVS, so Isaac may have already fixed it :) but I
> haven't had a chance to update or look into it further..
> -jim
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