[mythtv] Missed recordings

Ron Aldrich raldrich at mac.com
Tue May 6 13:21:21 EDT 2003

As a test, last night I set up mythTV to record 'Bill Nye, the Science 
Guy' from Noggin - They run four episodes, starting at 12:00 AM, and 
ending at 2:00 AM. I scheduled it using the 'record this program 
whenever it's shown on this channel' option. I also started it 
recording the last bit of the program  just before Bill Nye.

Only the episode at 12:30 AM and 1:30 AM were recorded.  It would 
appear that if it is recording something that ends at the same time as 
another recording is to begin, the second recording fails.

I'm using a RCA DSS tuner, and a PVR-350 video card, on a dual 
processor Pentium 3 850 machine.

Best Regards,


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