[mythtv] Customizable column lengths in mythweb

Ben Marchandise mythbma at yahoo.fr
Tue May 6 20:49:30 EDT 2003

Hello team,

In the current mythweb CVS, some programs are not
displayed: if you have, on the same channel, 2
programs in less than half an hour (like something at
20:00, then something at 20:15), only the first one
displayed, and can be recorded. The second one is not
I guess this case is not so frequent in North America,
but it happens all the time in Europe.

Fix ?:
So here is a small patch, which partially fixes the
problem by introducing a new parameter in
settings.php: $slotDuration which is the duration of a
column in minutes. So if I use 10, I can record my
program at 20:15 :-)

Maybe this is not a perfect fix, as this is my first
code in PHP, but it's simple enough...


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