[mythtv] Getting rid of DSS tuner's OSD (Attn: Jason Richmond)

Tarek Lubani tarek at tarek.2y.net
Tue May 6 14:46:02 EDT 2003

Most of the tuners will accept the "hide" command (as opposed to the
"show" command. You can explore this with the file found at:


The "hide" command only needs to be issued once for every time the
receiver is reset, so you can issue it manually and forget about it for
the most part.. At least with my receiver (a Uniden)..

Let us know how it works out..

tarek : )

> Whenever I change channels, my RCA DSS tuner puts up its own OSD, which 
> is then overwritten by mythTV's OSD (bleah) - does anyone know of any 
> way to get rid of it?
> Playing around with the DSS tuner's remote, I found that if I press the 
> 'clear' button immediately after I change channels, the tuner's OSD 
> goes away within 1 second (usually while the screen is still black), 
> instead of hanging around for 5 seconds.
> I'd try modifying the RCA.pl script to issue a clear command after a 
> channel change, but the documentation for the command codes seems to 
> have disappeared from isd.net.
> Does anyone know what the 'clear' command code for the RCA DSS is?
> TIA,
> Ron Aldrich

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