[mythtv] PATCH: Star Ratings for Movies in EPG

Tarek Lubani tarek at tarek.2y.net
Mon May 5 21:33:38 EDT 2003


Thank you for the advice. I'm not exactly sure what is happening in
functions.php, though..

As best I can tell, you're multiplying the star value you have by the
max stars (not sure where this value comes from, but it seems to be 4).
Does having it done query-side help or hamper, though? Isn't it trivial
to do the multiplication C-side later?

tarek : )

On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 01:07, Andy Davidoff wrote:
> Thanks for the patch.
> FWIW, check out my SQL in mythweb/functions.php around line 406;
> that's a more portable way to get the stars and will simplify
> your patch considerably.

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