[mythtv] mythfilldatabase patch for german 'tv_grab_de'

avalanche at beyondmonkey.com avalanche at beyondmonkey.com
Mon May 5 22:33:42 EDT 2003


there where still some problems with mythfilldatabase
and german xmltv. Channel names that had spaces
where not recognized correctly. This patch should fix that.
(scroll down for more info)

Setup your channels for tv_grab_de:
With an empty channel database, import xawtv channels
(make sure your xawtv channel names match the xmltv ones),
do a 'mythfilldatabase' and you should be all set. 

get the updated mythfilldatabase code here:



   2003.05.05 changes by AV
   original file checked out 2003.05.04
   all changes marked with '//AV****'

   The changes should fix the problems
   with xmltv tv_grab_de. German xmltv
   channel names can have spaces and where
   not identifeid correctly by the parsing
   (only to first white_space). Channels
   like 'RTL' and 'RTL 2' where confused.

   Added a global for tv_grab_de 'isger' for
   regional specific parsing. Changed the
   position of the 'sourcequerry' (see TAG#01
   for more details), so now the xmlgrabber
   settings are loaded earlier. That was
   necessary to make it possible for other
   modes like '--fromfile' to use regional
   specific parsing. It also makes it easier
   to add specific handling for other xmltv

   The functionality for modules other than
   tv_grab_de should remain the same.

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