[mythtv] Great work plus a request/suggestion

David Won phlegm at rogers.com
Sat May 3 20:05:43 EDT 2003

I was thinking more of something where you could check a box or along
those lines when recording a show or setting up timed recording of
shows. That way it would be up to me which shows would need a password.
Blocking entire channels was not really what I was after since they are
open already. Most of the shows that I record that I don't wan't the
kids watching are on after they go to bed anyways.


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Dave, I've been doing some digging on this, because Zap2It.com (Where 
XMLTV scrapes its data from) doesn't contain a rating of any kind (That 
I could find) that limits this a bit.  About the best that can be done 
(Unless anyone else has some ideas), is a config screen where you set 
the categories (Children's, Talk, Cooking, Comedy, Reality, etc etc) 
that require parental permission.  Then when the user tries to watch a 
show/recording if its on the restricted list, they get prompted.

How does this sound?

- -dan

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