[mythtv] Program guide problems

Craig Longman craigl at begeek.com
Sat May 3 01:20:12 EDT 2003

Craig Longman wrote:

> i sitll have this problem where the majority of the screens (except 
> the three main menu screens) have a white instead of blue background.  
> i changed the Guide Shading Method from Colourized (alpha) to 
> something else, ever since then, all the screens (except for the main 
> mythtv menu) have a white background.  it saved something  somewhere, 
> cause this even survives a shutdown of everything (not the machine, 
> just close down and exit X). 

hmm.  actually, it appears that it was my fault.  i must have 
accidentally unchecked the 'decorate qt widgets according to theme' 
option when i was message around with font sizes.  i checked that and 
now things appear to be fine.  that's a really strange option, 
everything looked so, well, crappy, i hadn't even considered that it was 
a configurable option i had changed.  anyway, ignore the 'whine, the 
background is white' problem please...



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