[mythtv] Program guide problems

John Danner johndanner at untzuntz.com
Fri May 2 17:06:04 EDT 2003

The fonts in the new EPG are not set via the Setup. Someone else reported a 
problem with the font size - what exactly is too big about them?

You will not see the preview window if there is no video to be seen. So 
instead of wasting the space as was the case before, the program guide can 
use that space when there is no video.

The program listings are blank because there is not enough space to draw the 
titles. Try decreasing the number of channels displayed to 5 or 6 (you can do 
this in the Setup->Program Guide).

Let us know if you still have problems...


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> With the latest CVS build the Program Guide appears to have changed. 
>  The fonts are too big and no matter what size I set my fonts to in 
> the setup makes no difference.
> Also, I no longer have a preview window in the upper right hand 
> coner of the program guide.  Nor do I see the option to turn it on 
> or off in the setup anymore.
> However if I'm watching a live tv and hit the 'M' key it brings up 
> the program guide with the image in the right hand coner but the 
> program listings are blank.
> I have completely loaded Mandrake and the CVS build twice from 
> scratch and get the same results.
> I'm currently using a PVR-250 if that makes a difference.
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