[mythtv] [PATCH] DVB support

James Fidell james at cloud9.co.uk
Fri May 2 18:40:32 EDT 2003

Quoting Edward Wildgoose (Edward.Wildgoose at frmhedge.com):

> The punchline for anyone watching this thread is that:
> a) if you are pretty technical, 


> b)understand how to make your DVB card work without any help (tzap, scan, vdr, etc), and 

Not tried yet -- only just got the Nova-t card this morning, but how hard
can it be? :)

I've started by installing the latest linux-tv-dvd driver, dvbtune 0.3
and dvbstream 0.4.pre2.  Am I heading in the right direction here?  Is
there and kind of DVB-T HOW-TO type document around anywhere, or do I
just have to work it out as I go along?

> c) you can debug a little C++ if needed


> ...Then this is a good time to have a play with this patch.
> It is running on my machine at the moment, and on request I can supply
> settings for channels on the Crystal Palace transmitter (ie London).

Please.  I should apparently be able to get some channels from
Crystal Palace and some from Hannington.

> Right now it needs you to understand how to tweak the channels table
> by hand (you can actually read off the settings from the scan program
> though).  However, you can now tune and record the digital DVB mpeg
> broadcasts successfully! (and they look very good)

Filling the table by hand shouldn't be a problem.

> I can provide a sample nuv file and I wonder if someone could take a
> look at it and see if there is something obviously wrong with it?  I'm
> wondering if it could be something like a colourspace issue, and myth
> is trying to transcode it, or something similar...  It's wierd that
> mplayer should have no bother with it anyway.

Sure, I'll try it out if you like.

> If you can help to finish this patch off and get it fully tested, then
> I for one would be very grateful

I'll help wherever I can.  A three-week-old baby does mean that I'm
fairly short of spare time right now, but I'm trying to make time to
play with mythtv whenever I can.


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