[mythtv] [PATCH] DVB support

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Fri May 2 19:25:01 EDT 2003

Hi Isaac, thanks for the quick response.

Isaac wrote:

>I asked you not to munge up MpegRecorder at all, but you did.  Inherit off of 
>the base recorder class.
I didn't understand you that way. Should I just *copy* all your code 
which is in mpegrecorder after my patch (for seeking etc.), 320 lines in 
24 functions, although it's identical in 3 files, which all only have 
150 lines and 6 functions or less right now?

>I'd also actually prefer it if you kept channel.cpp/h as the v4l interface, created a basechannel.cpp/h base class, and then inherited your dvb channel stuff off of that.
That means that I have to rename *all* the references to |Channel| in 
all other files. Also, I find it confusing to have the analog-specific 
part having a generic name like Channel.

>And how are people supposed to use the new format?  Manual db interaction?  
>You didn't update filldatabase or anything to go along with it.
I thought I'd wait for your reaction before I write code that you may 
eventually reject anyways. Or ask me to use another way to store the 

>What's with the chan->GetCardID() -- isn't that already a member variable in 
>the TVRec class?
Possible, havn't noticed that, will check.

>Everything else looks ok, from a quick once-over.
That's great. Before I submit a new patch (dissecting the patches 
manually costs time), could you please tell me any other complaints you 
may have, so that I can fix them in the next batch of patches, having 
them ready to be checked in?

>I'm not planning on applying anything until after the 0.9 release, anyway
Too bad. I was hoping to get that puppy in in the next days, partially 
to avoid conflicts and having to fix them manually.

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