[mythtv] Dual tuner annoyance

bishop bishop at platypus.bc.ca
Fri May 2 01:53:23 EDT 2003


Consider 'Digital Cable', which - for those not suffering from it - is 
like cable as seen through a cheesy satellite set-top box.  There's only 
one downstream port on the STB, so picture-in-picture will suck on it (I 
love asking Comcast salesmen about that) and one also cannot record two 
channels at once through it.

While you're thinking about the reverse ordering fix, d'you have any 
ideas about that?

<sigh>.  I got these three wintv cards for $12ea.  Now I just need a big 
quiet box to put them in.

Oh, hey List, anyone got decent figured on the processing speed  (A-ha! 
  A use for AMD's Pentium Rating units) required to run 1, 2 or even 
more nuppel recording processes at once?  Will I be okay with a Nehemiah 
from Via or will I need a Coffee Warmer from AMD?

  - bish

Tod Detre wrote:
> Couldn't we just start LiveTV using the last available card while 
> recording uses the first available?
> or maybe have a priority listing for cards so you can set which card 
> livetv uses first and which card recording uses first.
>> Unfortunately, there's no real easy way to fix this quickly -- it 
>> needs to
>> have some understanding that the tuner's in use now for an unspecified 
>> time,
>> but that it can still use it if it really, really needs to..
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