[mythtv] Mythweather - multiple locales?

Michael Thomson linux at M-Thomson.net
Fri May 2 02:11:01 EDT 2003

This suggestion was passed to John Danner, who asked that I post it publicly
to see if there's sufficient interest.

Could mythweather be extended to track a (small) number of locales? The
reason for the request is that my wife works 50 miles away, so we're
interested in two distinct areas each morning. Also my Dad is off the West
coast of Scotland and it's always fun to see how much worse his weather is!
My sister is in New Zealand... You get the idea.

I had a brief look at the code, but my C++ skills are non-existent :-( What
I had in mind was storing multiple locales in the database.

By default, everything stays as it is, UI wise. However, the setup screen
would get one extra option - locale count (or index, or some better term).
If this is increased from the initial value (1), the user can store a
different locale in each 'slot' using the existing setup interface.

Once more than one locale is stored, the main status line would show
something like:

Bristol (United Kingdom) - UKXX0025   (Location 1 of 2)

Then you could map UP and DOWN to cycle through the available locales.

Let me know if you're interested or (even better) able to contribute patches
to John!


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