[mythtv] DVB support - Status update

Joel Feenstra joelf at altelco.net
Thu May 1 17:40:51 EDT 2003

I'd just create a one to many table which has a chanid collumn and a 
tuner parameter type collumn and a parameter collumn. Then just query 
for all that match chanid from the tuner table. Then there would only be 
one new table with only 2 or three collumns.

It would still be human readable/editable if the parameter type collumn 
was a text description. This leaves things open for easy addition of 
tuning parameters for many different systems.

Joel Feenstra

Andy Davidoff wrote:
> Do you have a cleaner alternative?
> On May 01, at 21:08, Ben Bucksch encoded a 0.9K recording:
>>I find a large number of tables or columns pretty messy, hard to
>>find the way around.
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