[mythtv] Bug Reports

Michael Pedersen michael.j.pedersen at verizon.net
Thu May 1 11:43:49 EDT 2003

Replying from work, with no GPG support, so no sig applied here.

Shane Hyde wrote:

> William Preston wrote:
>> Gnome has many problems with myth, which is why KDE (or any other window
>> manager) is recommended.
> Actually, Gnome has exactly 1 problem for me with MythTV and this is 
> it.  I don't wish to enter into desktop religion territory, but this 
> answer smells of it.
> If support of this desktop is not in MythTV's priority then I will 
> have to make the changes myself.  Almost everything can be solved with 
> software.

Personally, my only "issue" with Gnome (well, aside from the warning I 
sent out earlier today, which I'm going to fix properly tonight) is that 
my bottom panel / task bar sometimes pops up when I switch between 
virtual desktops and come back to MythTV. It's also quickly corrected by 
use of Alt-Tab, so I don't even notice or care much for getting a real 
fix. Gnome and MythTV work just fine together.

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