[mythtv] Bug Reports

Shane Hyde shane at trontech.net
Thu May 1 23:38:54 EDT 2003

Havent had time to chase these ones down, but I am reporting them to 
find out if anyone has fixed them.

1. Changing the RecordOverTime setting by typing a number in does not 
generate an isChanged and so the updated value is not saved.  Using 
left/right to change the value works though.  This may or may not affect 
all Spin Configurables.  Im not into Qt engough to find the issue exactly.

2. MythTV is not full-screen on Gnome 2, unlike mythfrontend which is. 
It has window borders, and sites under Gnome bars.

3. My mythbackend has a thread that goes into a cpu loop after each 
scheduled recording.  The thread is a nice'd thread, but it still burns 
CPU badly.  I have not tried to catch this, if you need me to, I can 
probably generate a backtrace for it.

Hope these help,


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