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Paul Smith paullocal at pscs.co.uk
Thu May 1 11:28:06 EDT 2003

> > >> Main question - does anyone know how to use an UIRT2 with Linux? LIRC=20
> > >> doesn't seem to support it yet and the UIRT2 people seem to only
> > >'support=
> > >'=20
> > >> it in Windows (with Girder).
> > >[snip]
> > >
> > >You've already guessed at the answer I'm going to recommend, though you
> > >won't like it: write the module for LIRC. You get a number of benefits
> > >when you do so.
> >
> > Well, I've had a look, and I'm not sure this would work. It doesn't 
> look as
> > if LIRC is expandable in the way, for instance, that Girder on Windows is.
> > It looks as if the IR support is hard coded into LIRC, so it detects 
> pulses
> > & spaces and you can configure how it handles those. The UIRT2 sends the
> > decoded data over the COM port, not the raw pulses & spaces, so it won't
> > work with LIRC.
>It will, just like an irman works with lirc. In fact, since libirman
>exist, probably all one would have to do is modify libirman to work with
>the UIRT2.

Er, yeah.. Possibly someone who's good at Linux programming & opensource 
etc could do this, but not me at this point in time. I'm a Windows 
programmer with no experience of contributing to opensource stuff.

>BTW, UIRT2 looks really interesting for myth, since it has the nifty
>WOL/WOR circuit. Turn your myth box on with a remote! Like you ever
>turn it off ;).

The UIRT2 is actually quite cool. I really can't understand why LIRC 
doesn't support it already since it's really a lot easier to support than 
the stuff that LIRC does already support.

I've got Davide's Perl code to do it (it shows how easy UIRT support is, 
apart from the code->key map and the comments there's about 10 lines of 
PERL to receive codes from the UIRT2 and send the relevant keys to 
'sendxevent'). I'm going to do some work on that to make it easier to 
configure and create another module for sending IR commands from the UIRT2 
to my satellite box. I may also get rid of the reliance on sendxevent since 
I have found some code to send X events in Perl already.

>The libirman library is pretty simplistic too. Most of the heavy lifting
>there is the fun of using a serial port in unix, which is beautifully
>explained on this page:

Nah, just use PERL - it's not hard at all then (all the hard work's done 
for you).

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