[mythtv] Re: Seg Fault while setting a recording.

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Thu May 1 00:10:49 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 30 April 2003 09:22 am, Colm Bennett wrote:
> >Can you provide a dump of your capturecard, videosource, and cardinput
> >database tables? I think I may know what it is, but would like to
> >verify.
> >
> >Isaac
> Hi Isaac,
> Thank you for the reply and for a cool package :)
> I did a full dump in case theres something weird with my table setups. I
> have had a response privately that suggested disabling the comp and
> svideo inputs - I'm going to try that now.

Ok, it was what I thought it was.  Not quite sure on how I'm going to fix it 
yet, though =)  In the meantime, if you wipe your cardinput and videosource 
tables (completely, 'delete from videosource;', etc) and recreate them, I 
think things should work fine.


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