[mythtv] DVB support - Status update

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Thu May 1 01:28:24 EDT 2003

Hey Rick,

thanks for your interest and your ideas. I am surely very interested in 
any good ideas and suggested you have to make and would like your 
thoughts on that subject to be honered by being implemented, just like I 
appreciate the ideas of some others who have previously posted ideas to 
make tuning more general. I hope my implementation doesn't conflict with 

I totally understand your time contrainst and you have very good reasons 
for not being able to help at the moment, so please concentrate con your 

OTOH, my changes are almost done and I'd like to finish this project. 
Also, my changes are soemwhat extensive in some parts of Myth (Channel, 
mpegrecorder), so that any further work by Isaac are likely to cause 
conflicts there which I'd have to merge manually. Given the pace of 
Isaac's work :-), I don't think I can hold off the contribution till end 
of next week. In other words, I'd like to get the patches in as soon as 
possible. If Isaac agrees, we could check them in as-is, and leave it up 
to later to implement a better scheme to store the settings, but 
hopefully before the next release to not complicate the upgrading to 
further versions for users.

Well, I am open about how to proceed. I just want to get it done RSN. 
Isaac, what do you think?

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