[mythtv] Database layout

Calvin Harrigan calvinharrigan at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 31 16:13:00 EST 2003

Greetings all,

I've been perusing the mythtv database trying to determine where all the
programs 'to be' recorded are stored.  Previously it has been in several


Record has since taken on a different task, purpose.  All the recordings
of all types all seem to be in this table now.  

1) Is this a correct statement?  

2) If so, how is this table updated with the timeslot record, weekly
record, any channel, anytime on this channel?  

3) How are these programs flagged in the database?  

4) Is the extended 'to be recorded' information generated on the fly in
the epg using just the type flag in the record table as a marker to do
further querying?

5) Are the aforementioned tables obsolete?

I know it seems like a lot of questions. I've try to figure out as much
as I could without getting into the code. I'm working on a little applet
for mythtv that requires the record info.  I just need to know what/how
to query.

Thanks for the help.


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