[mythtv] Video4-linux v2

erschulz at attbi.com erschulz at attbi.com
Sun Mar 30 16:19:23 EST 2003

    All right, I've been fighting a problem with v4l, bttv 0.7x, nVidia's
drivers, and >=1Gb of memory for two weeks now. Moving to v4l2 and bttv 0.9x
"fixes" the unable to vmalloc_32 errors from bttv/v4l but, MythTv then has
trouble changing channels; the CPU is pegged, the load average will top 6.x, and
mythbackend is the only process getting any CPU time.

    Since xawtv doesn't seem to have any trouble chaning channels with v4l2 I
guess I'm going to start looking at the differences. Mind you, I have to do this
when my wife isn't wanting to watch / record something.


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