[mythtv] Script to get Title & Subtitle given a cryptic mythtv filename.

Rob Snow lists at dympna.com
Sat Mar 29 01:37:17 EST 2003

This might be useful to some of you trying to move files out of MythTV via 
mencoder or the like and wishing for a sane/useful output name.

It's nasty hack and slash of the myth.rebuilddatabase.pl, given a filename 
it returns the Title and optionally the Subtitle with a couple of options.

getshowname.pl 1059_20030401220000_20030401220000 --replace=. -s -sublen=16

would return something like:


Where A Great Show is the title, (--replace=.) replaces spaces with . (any 
sting can be used here) and the subtitle (-s) is after the : with it's 
length truncated at 16 (--sublen=16) characters.

Caveats: Tons of them; first thing that comes to mind is that it doesn't 
sanatize the filename for Windows, all sorts of illegal filenames could be 


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## Script to extract show name and subtitle from DB given the filename.
## Hack and Slash done by Rob Snow (rsnow at dympna.com)
## This is a very nasty hack of myth.rebuilddatabase.pl which was nicely 
## done by Greg Froese and instructions by Robert Kulagowski.  
## Those fine gentlemens information may be found below, however, please
## do not confuse them with the author of this hack...they do nice work.
## written by greg froese (g_froese at yahoo.com)
## install instructions by Robert Kulagowski (rkulagow at rocketmail.com)
## use at your own risk, i am not responsible for anything this program may
## or may not do.

##use strict;
use DBI;
use Getopt::Long;
use File::Basename;

## get command line args

my ($database, $host, $user, $pass, $verbose, $dir);

my $argc=@ARGV;
if ($argc == 0) {
   print "usage:  getshowname.pl [options] /path/to/store/1001_20030401190000_20030401200000.nuv

Where [options] is:
--host          - hostname or IP address of the mysql server (default: \"\")
--user          - DBUSERNAME (default: \"mythtv\")
--pass          - DBPASSWORD (default: \"mythtv\")
--database      - DATABASENAME (default: \"mythconverg\")
--replace	- Replace spaces with this string (--rep=. will return Daily.Show)
--sublen	- Maximum subtitle length (only useful with -s)
-s		- Add subtitle to string after a ':'

GetOptions('verbose+'=>\$verbose, 'database=s'=>\$database, 'host=s'=>\$host, 'user=s'=>\$user, 'pass=s'=>\$pass, 's+'=>\$sub, 'replace=s'=>\$rep, 'sublen=s'=>\$sublen);

if (!$host) { $host=""; }
if (!$database) { $database="mythconverg"; }
if (!$user) { $user="mythtv"; }
if (!$pass) { $pass="mythtv"; }

my $dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:mysql:database=$database:host=$host","$user","$pass") or
		 die "Cannot connect to database ($!)\n";

 ($show, $path, $suffix)  = fileparse(@ARGV[0],"\.nuv");
  $channel = substr($show,0,4);
  $syear = substr($show, 5,4);
  $smonth = substr($show, 9,2);
  $sday = substr($show,11,2);
  $shour = substr($show,13,2);
  $sminute = substr($show,15,2);
  $ssecond = substr($show,17,2);
  $eyear = substr($show,20,4);
  $emonth = substr($show,24,2);
  $eday = substr($show,26,2);
  $ehour = substr($show,28,2);
  $eminute = substr($show,30,2);
  $esecond = substr($show,32,2);

 $q = "select title, subtitle, chanid, starttime, endtime from recorded where chanid=$channel and starttime='$syear$smonth$sday$shour$sminute$ssecond' and endtime='$eyear$emonth$eday$ehour$eminute$esecond'";
 $sth = $dbh->prepare($q);
 $sth->execute or die "Could not execute ($q)\n";

$title = $row[0];
$subtitle = $row[1];

if ($rep) {
	$subtitle=~s/\ /$rep/gio;
	$title=~s/\ /$rep/gio;
if ($sublen) {

print "$title";
if ($sub) {
	print ":$subtitle";
print "\n";


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