[mythtv] Slave backend using different encodings specs

Ben Brown ben at handcoder.com
Mon Mar 24 11:40:40 EST 2003

Oh well.  I was hoping to roll out some old hardware and give it life
again.  I've got a PIII 500 that should be able to do fine live tv with
a g200 card.  I wanted to set this up as a second box.  My main box has
2 tuners, so it's possible to watch Live TV in 2 locations, but then I
can't record while I watch.  I thought by putting in the third card I'd
able to watch live TV on 2 set and still record.  But the PIII's not
gonna handle the Mpeg 4 and the ATI's aren't gonna do the MJPEG so I
guess I'll just be waiting around for a little while.

Thanks for the info


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On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 11:07:45AM -0500, Ben Brown wrote:

> Okay, but the issue is I want 2 different Live TV settings.  One for 
> the master backend and one for the slave backend.

OK, then that is not implemented.  Eventually I think I will make a
per-host setting which selects which profile to use for Live TV.

 - mdz
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