[mythtv] Voice control of MythTV

Jared Hanson jared.hanson at helixent.com
Sun Mar 23 22:11:37 EST 2003

> This sounds interesting, but it seems it won't be possible for anyone to
> it (or help you develop or test it) unless they have copies of these
> libraries (which are no longer available), so it's a lot less exciting for
> that reason.

I agree with you on this point, and I'm dissappointed that Nuance
discontinued the program.  There is an open source speech recognition
project called Sphinx (http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/sphinx/).  I've used
this system, but its capabilities are far below that of commercial systems
such as Nuance.  They are working on Sphinx 4 now, google for it and there
is a wiki on sourceforge.  Sun Microsystems is taking part, and it looks
interesting, but its in the very beginning stages.

I've also considered e-mailing Nuance in order to attempt to get permission
to redistribute the libraries to people willing to work on an open source
project, under some agreement such as Nuance not being required to support
the people who obtained it that way.  It seems to me if the project took
off, and companies wanted to run the server commercially, Nuance would be
selling more commercial licenses to their software, which would be a plus
for them.  I'll do this tomorrow and let the list know if anything comes of

If anyone knows of other speech rec systems that could replace Nuance, I'd
like to know.


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