[mythtv] Bug: Strange things happen if callsign field is not filled in

Edward Wildgoose edward.wildgoose at frmhedge.com
Sun Mar 23 10:50:09 EST 2003

This is presumably only likely to affect international users.  However, when
you run mythfilldatabase it asks a load of questions for each channel with
reasonable defaults for most stuff.  However, the callsign field defaults to
blank, however, unless you enter some text in here strange things happen in

You can use the epg and set programs to record, however, once recorded they
appear in the list of recorded programs as "file not found"...  You also
can't delete them from the delete menu (they disappear from the screen, but
reappear when you exit the screen).  Description of the recorded programs is
often variable, dates are wrong, and generally the whole display is not
really showing what you recorded.

I'm guessing here that callsign is being used as the key to lookup back into
the database to get channel info?  Perhaps documenting that callsign needs
to be filled in would help?

Also, another documentation request.  When mythfilldatabase --manual is run
it asks for "channel number (as per xawtv)".  In retrospect this is
completely obvious, however, I was entering 1, 2, 3, etc ie the order I
wanted them to appear (dur).  Strange things happen in mythtv such as the
epg appears, but you can't switch channel and myth just records from
whichever was the last channel viewed in xawtv.  Here in the UK you don't
see channel tuning on tv's so it was not immediately obvious to me that it
really was asking a question about tuning..  Perhaps the myth docs could add
a sentence spelling that out for the dumbo's like me!

Thanks for all your work.  Myth is a fantastic app!

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