[mythtv] backend dependency on X

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Fri Mar 21 18:16:50 EST 2003

I agree.  It'd be nice if one could tell setup early-on which host
you were configuring; are there any widgets that do discovery of
local devices, et cetera?  If not, this sounds like an easily fixed

Try changing the hostname to that of your backend before running
setup on your frontend.  If it works, you're in business.

#if Chris Palmer /* Mar 21, 14:23 */
> Isaac Richards wrote
> > You can quite easily export the display to show elsewhere.
> Yup.  I know that, but it's not consistent with the design 
> of separate backends and frontends.  It still means a user 
> has to have X running in order to setup a backend.
> Maybe it's a silly idea, because the frontend requires X 
> and a backend to run.  It's surely not a top priority, but 
> just something that I noticed that *seems* to contradict the 
> architecture/dependency changes for the backend for v0.8.
#endif /* mythtv at zencow.com */

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