[mythtv] 0.9 Road Map Sugestion

Robert Middleswarth robert at middleswarth.net
Fri Mar 21 13:30:41 EST 2003

Cliff Draper wrote:

>From: Andy Davidoff <dert at pobox.com>
>Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 12:24:19 -0500
>>It makes more sense to me to simply test the CVS more broadly during the
>>feature freeze preceding the release.  Call 'em release candidates if you
>>like; the point is that the issue here is testing, not change control.
>Release candidates are a fine enough idea, but there are a lot of
>people who will not try something until it has been "released".
>Either way there will be bugs found after a release has been made that
>people will want fixed.  The question then becomes should they wait
>for the next release (for instance 0.9) or should there be a maintence
>release started (for instance 0.8.1).  If you look at big serious
>projects (and surely MythTV is becoming one), you'll always see
>maintenance releases (the Linux kernel and Mozilla are good
>examples).  Whether maintenance code changes are done on a branch in
>CVS or the trunk is an implementation detail.
>Anyway, I was figuring that if support for maintenance of 0.8 turns
>out to be nonexistant, that the user community will step in and
>keep a bunch of patches and make it's own 0.8.1 if need be.
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Yes there are fixes but only for major breaks not minor thing.  Problems 
like ZipIt problems with .7 there were patch avaible in the archive and 
maybe even made it into the docs didn't check but the .7 was still 
frozen with a broken pice that needed to be patch with each download and 
compile.  althought there were a few patches make in the lists no patch 
ever appeared on mythtv.org.  Right now as this project grows and with 
the options in it already has it meets all but 1 of the items I was 
looking for in one I was going to create and is already stable so use 
will grow.  Little bugs that aren't a major bug but will cause many 
people who downloads 0.8 to ask the same question should be fixed by a 
minor release.  Examples from the list there is a small glitch for 
people with Pal not being able to select higher resolutions ???x576 if I 
rember right.  That could resolt in lots of people asking questions if 
.8 is out for a while.  A Fix is in CVS that is currently being tested.  
Other little bugs that will alwas popup after a release because the 
people using CVS don't tend to see little bugs that a created by mistake 
like the Pal clitch.  No way could small fixes like that ever be 
consider a full release but a .8.1 release would be useful.


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