[mythtv] Re:Manual recording

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Wed Mar 19 17:56:52 EST 2003

It's stored in the database exactly as "normal" TV; just create an entry
for the input in the cardinput table and a channel in the channel table.
Bind any programs you insert into the program table to the proper source.

The relations look like this:

	cardinput.sourceid -> sourceid.channel.chanid -> program.chanid

You can use any unique chanid you please; I suggest starting at N000 where
N matches the number of your sourceid.

#if Chris Derossi /* Mar 19, 16:20 */
> If you wouldn't mind telling me how this will be stored in the database
> (e.g. some magic channel number?), I don't need to wait for the config GUI.
> I'll just change the database manually so I can keep working.
#endif /* chrismyth at derossi.com */

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