[mythtv] Re: Adding DVB-T support to MythTV

jng_junk at greenmail.demon.co.uk jng_junk at greenmail.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 19 15:05:46 EST 2003

> > I completely agree the decoding to re-encode is wasteful, but considering 
> > that in order to run myth most people are using way powerful processors 
> > anyway, there certainly looks like there should be enough cpu cycles 
> > floating around to not make this an issue ( my box has an athlon xp 1800, 
> > with 512mb of memory. )
> For a single channel yes. But i think for things like pip no. And part of 
> the reason I like DVB is that if we have the proper support for it then 
> you can do pip with only 1 card (assuming both channels are on the same 
> multiplex)

Hey, I hadn't thought about the fact that two channels may be available at
the same time from one tuner card (as long as they are on the same
multiplex). That is a really nice feature, one that must definitely be 
incorporated into any final solution.


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