[mythtv] Re: Adding DVB-T support to MythTV

matt.jarvis at philips.com matt.jarvis at philips.com
Wed Mar 19 14:46:30 EST 2003

[Side note: at work I don't have a choice about my email client]
[Side note 2: Discussion of the possibilities is a healthy part of 
exploring any idea]
[Side note 3: Read the post first and you would understand why there are a 
lot of ideas being thrown around ]

It's utterly stupid to do this, there is nothing to prove -- yes, you can 
decode the stream, them shove it back into something that Myth can accept. 

Nobody is actually saying they are going to do any of this stuff - it's a 
discussion .......

Why bother? You might as well use the A/V inputs on a standard WinTV card. 

The Nova-t doesn't have a tv out, nor does any budget dvb card. The only 
way to get a tv out is to pipe it into a seperate MPEG decoder card ( 
Realmagic Hollywood Plus or similar ). If you had a fully featured dvb 
card with an onboard mpeg decoder, the dvb driver creates a standard v4l 
/dev/video interface which would work with MythTV anyway.

Best Wishes


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