[mythtv] MythTV 0.8 minor bugs

Chris cisip at sprintmail.com
Tue Mar 18 22:59:33 EST 2003

Chris <cisip at sprintmail.com>

First of all great work on the .8 release!  I recently upgraded my 2
tuner system from .7 to .8.  Just a few minor bugs that I found so far. 
When you view a currently recording show and try to exit, mythtv prompts
you to save position and exit.  Even If I select it , when I return to
the currently recording show, I start at the beginning instead of the
save position.  This option works fine on files already recorded. 
Another bug is that in the Fix Recording Conflicts screen, mythtv
identifies two shows which are currently being recorded simultaneously
as conflicts.  Future planned recordings which have the same time slot
dont show as a conflict unless there are three that are scheduled to
record simultaneously (desired behavior in a 2 tuner system).  I
initially seg faulted on the delete recordings screen but quickly
figured out that it was a compatibility problem between mythtv and the
earliest video recording in my /mnt/store (this file was ok with mythtv
.7).  I found 2 shows which caused the segfault and deleted them.  The
rest of the videos are fine.  The segfault was not reproduced when I use
the bitmap option to preview the recording which is how I managed to
delete the bad video files.  Next I am going to test the network
feature.  Thanks again.

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