[mythtv] Occasional Segfault with CVS of MythTV

Edward Wildgoose edward.wildgoose at frmhedge.com
Mon Mar 17 23:07:36 EST 2003

> > - When viewing a TV program and pushing "m" I can see that the epg
> > to   have come up in the background, but the video display is still
> > maximised and so I can't see anything...  (It has locked up a couple of
> > times when doing this as well)
> >
> > - I am running KDE 3.1 and the default is to have a launcher type bar at
> > the bottom of the screen.  Lots of bits of mythtv realise that they
> > run in front of this bar, but some bits don't - for example mythmusic
> > mythweather
> This should be in the FAQ by now; it works fine with most simple window
> managers, but not with KDE's window manager and some other fancy things,
> there are various workarounds.

Perhaps I misunderstand.  Are you refering to the top paragraph?  Is it the
epg on top during live tv which doesn't work under KDE?

With respect to the launcher bar.  Under 0.7 this was nearly always on top,
however, under the latest CVS much of mythtv falls in front of the launcher
bar, with just certain modules going behind it, so I assume that there is
some tweak which can "fix" this (hence I mention it for information only)



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