[mythtv] Re: mythweb program listing 'out of memory'.

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Mon Mar 17 08:14:06 EST 2003

man, 2003-03-17 kl. 02:45 skrev Andy Davidoff:
[Martin: changing two locations in code]
> Why do you want to change "these two locations"?  Why do they "need altering"?
> You say that it worked fine until you changed it...  Stop changing it and it
> will continue to work.  What am I missing here? :-D
  What you are missing is that I have a hard time finding what I'm
looking for when things are in database order. In countries such as
Denmark with cable access we have around 30 channels available (a far
cry for the 500 odd ones I believe is possible in America) and they are
all jumbled up on the tuner, location wise. It is hard to break old
habbits, and I'm used to these programs being in a certain order (guess
which :o)).
  If it makes this more bearable, I have a hard time to understand why
everyone wouldn't want it to be like that :). To further complicate
matters, many channels are 'dual-channels', showing one channel for a
specified time, then changing to something else.

For example: In the early hours of the day 'channum 68' is VH-1 here. At
about 17:00 it changes and becomes 'National Geographic'. Granted, with
the channum ordering, it will show there just below one another, but I
don't quite consieve it in that manner...

I'm not sure how to explain it...

I want certain channels to appear first, e.g. : DR1, TV2, SVT1, SVT2,
TvDk2, KKBH....

Without chanid ordering, I get:
SVT1,TV2,SVT2,TvDk2,DR1,DR2,TV2NRK,KKBH (and somehow without the icons,
making it all the more difficult).

This means that I will probably confuse one channel with another, all in
all spending more time finding that I'm after. However, I can give it a
shot. I just think it would be nice if mythtv preferences was used by
mythweb. I don't think it unreasonable to believe that other people than
I would expect the same layout in both places :)

> > It seems the grabber we use in scandinavia leaves this out. Airdates are
> > all year 2000, no stars ever, etc... I will send you a 3 day
> > representation from xmltv. Let me know it you want a database extract as
> > well.
> #endif /* martin at martinm-76.dk */
> Does it seem reasonable to tie the behavior of the movies queries to the
> XMLTV grabber as defined in the database?  Then we can demand stars for
> tv_grab_na sources and ignore missing stars in tv_grab_sn sources.
I think that is fine, but in the current tv_grab_sn grabber there is
nothing to identify movies, except duration (and description, which is
in either danish, swedish, norwegian, english or german(!!))

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