[mythtv] PATCH: mythmusic enhancements

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Sat Mar 15 23:15:41 EST 2003

#if Joseph A. Caputo /* Mar 15, 22:24 */
> I agree... I think the Enter key would be okay for playing the selected
> track; Space would conflict with the Qt-behavior for the buttons.  Any
> suggestions for a new keybinding setup?
#endif /* jcaputo1 at comcast.net */

1) Try to keep it consistent with the rest of MythTV.  If that means
   making a constructive design change to MythTV, let's do it.

2) Try not to increase the number of buttons needed to navigate the UI.

One of the things TiVo does much better than Myth is to provide a very
consistent interface.  There are only a few different styles of widget
and navigation; all of which are easily accessed with only four arrows
and two buttons.  The novice doesn't need to know shortcuts like pageup
and pagedown to use the UI.

The future soft-coded-keybindings patch will go a long way towards
ameliorating the situation, but this problem often extends into the
layout itself.

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