[mythtv] MythMail - early thoughts / ideas

Nathan Ziarek nathan at ziarek.com
Thu Mar 13 07:41:42 EST 2003

First off, I am not a developer chap, so you may just want to discount
everything I say :)

I like the idea of not having to suspend Live TV to view some of the
functions. I think it would be great for things like MythWeather,
MythSports, and MythCallerID (which will be out in early May, 2034).

So, if you were going to spend the time to creating a "watcher" module,
maybe you could think about ways to make it portable to the other
apps...perhaps you'd be writing two apps instead of one: the watcher app
(which I've been calling MythTicker) and then your MythMail app. I don't
know how they would interface or how it should be displayed (just a CNN
Headline news style scroller?) but I think it would be neat if we could have
all of that information without exiting liveTV...

Just my couple of cents.


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