[mythtv] Gentoo CVS ebuild

Ryan A. Carris rac at racarris.com
Tue Mar 11 18:22:01 EST 2003

Bruce C. Dillahunty wrote:
> I think it's right :-)
> You will have to manually configure mysql (add the password stuff, etc.  
> as prompted at the end of the mysql ebuild) and then include the mc.sql  
> file into mysql as defined in the myth instructions.
> Also, for sound support, you'll need to work through the ALSA  
> directions that can be found at www.gentoo.org/docs
> I just built a brand new machine, loaded gentoo and set up myth... I  
> have fairly complete notes of what I did (including LVM - logical  
> volume manager, etc.) if that would help anybody.
> I don't know that its perfect, but I'm watching TV in the background  
> while I type :-)
> Bruce

I would like to read that.


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