[mythtv] I'm exporting to DIVX no problem. I'm using a bitrate of 4500 and it looks great!

Colin Panisset mythtv at clabber.com
Mon Mar 10 16:53:42 EST 2003

On Monday 10 March 2003 15:22, Jerry Normandin spake thus:
> The only way the DVD made sense was If I wanted to view on my DVD player.
> So SVCD or DVD.. but now I am thinking product... TIVO Killer.  What
> makes more sense is to build a box with a cdrom burner .. $60.00 now
> days.
> The Export Video Module will give a list of recorded videos, you select
> the video and it gets exported to divx.     You can view archived videos
> with mplayer.. again selected from a menu selection.  I'm encoding a
> video know to test.  I scrounging the net to look for parts to build the
> ideal box for mythtv.  Have anyone of you found one yet? I'm looking for
> the performance at a cheap price.

I've been wondering about this myself of late. However, there's one weird 
little problem that I keep having -- mplayer plays the video from a .nuv 
back too fast. The sound is fine (uncompressed PCM), but the video stream 
seems to be going a few fps too fast! I'm encoding video using hardware 
MJPEG with a Matrox G200 card.

I can kinda tweak it by passing "-fps 26.98" to mencoder, which doesn't 
touch the audio stream, but that still seems wrong to me.

Anyone else noticed this? 

BTW, it happens on two different machines, exactly the same way, and they 
have very different sound cards. Yes, mplayer does exactly the same thing.

  -- C.

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