[mythtv] I've got MythTV - CVS up and running. I'm ready to contribute features!

Jerry Normandin jerryn at nfnnet.org
Mon Mar 10 17:53:53 EST 2003


   I'd like to create DVD and SVCD compatable mpeg2 files.  I've got code 
that works like a charm with nuppelvideo but since  mythv has an
enhaced nuv format I need to see if there's a simple way to write
a player that is capable of  exporting audio to stdout this way I can pipe
the audio to toolame.  Also I need to get a smilar function to exportvideo.
Exportvideo pipes video in a simple planar YUV format to mpeg2enc.
If there's a way to get the enhanced player to do this on the command line
I am golden.  I will be able to incorporate this in the mythtv menu.

I've been creating DVDs of gfamily video from DV format under Linux since
December, 2002.

Is there code that exists to get the data I need to pull this off?

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