[mythtv] record/playback bug

Eli Criffield myth at zendo.net
Mon Mar 10 14:26:53 EST 2003

I tried playing a show recorded earlier and it does the same thing with the
time. The OSD displays the wrong time, way behind the actual time in the
show. Then weird things happen like if i fast forward it actually goes
back-wards in the file (presumably to where it thinks it is and the OSD
reports it is). Rewinding just doesn't work at all. My problems are
probably in part the same as the no-rewind bug previously mentioned.

Since there is no bug-tracking system per-say, what is the proper way to
report bugs? Should this be on myth-user? Should i not bother posting
without a patch attached and just wait it to get fixed in cvs? Should
mythtv-cvs  be consisted developer only and if you can't patch it yourself wait 
for a stable version? 



On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 09:52:03AM -0600, Eli Criffield wrote:
> I recorded 4 shows last night, insomniac, jackass, and 6' under. All using
> the current cvs.
> All three had problems, 6' under played back ok but the time on the OSD
> when pressing "i" the time was way behind what it should have been. At the
> end of the show it said 23 mins of 59, even though it was at the end of the
> recording.
> Insomniac when played back the audio sync was off and it had the same
> problem with the OSD time being way behind. Oh and i couldn't rewind either.
> Jackass has the same audio sync problem though i watched it for a while,
> saved the position and came back to it later and the saved position was
> acutely past the end of the show (should have been about 10 mins it).
> Insomniac and Jackass when played back using a patched mplayer .90rc4 play
> back normal for a couple seconds then start playing back at high speed with
> the audio staying normal becoming horribly unsycned. This is just like
> what it looked like when i had this problem before with the cvs from 02-23.
> I deleted 6' under when done watching it so i don't know if it did the same
> thing.
> Any ideas on what the problem is? What can i do to get more helpful debug
> informations? I can upload the file for Insomniac or Jackass to a web-server if
> it would be helpfully.
> eli
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