[mythtv] Minor bug: program text import error

Alex Wilbur alex at neuon.com
Mon Mar 10 23:45:47 EST 2003

I'm sorry I'm not submitting a patch with this one, but 

a) I don't know how to diff against CVS yet (can anybody explain that
quickly? I have a patch for tv_grab_fi I'd like to submit ;-)

b) I'm not yet familiar with the QT library.

Anyway, its a simple enough defect and should be simple to fix. I guess
nobody else has come across anything like this yet?

One of the TV shows I imported using tv_grab_fi contains some characters
which clash with the MySQL construct characters.

Namely, \" is not being escaped properly when importing.

Here's the raw xmltv entry in question:

  <programme start="20030310223000 +0200" stop="20030310230000 +0200"
    <title lang="fi">Making the Video Destiny's Child "Independent

Its the "Independent Women" bit that's causing the problem. Here's the
error when trying to record something (I think, I wasn't able to see the
console when it happened, obviously...)

SELECT recordid FROM record WHERE record.title = "Making the Video
Destiny\'s Child "Independent Women"" AND ((record.type = 4)  OR 
((record.chanid = 6)AND ((record.type = 3)    OR  
(((TIME_TO_SEC(record.starttime) =
TIME_TO_SEC('20:                               30:00'))       AND     
(TIME_TO_SEC(record.endtime) =
TIME_TO_SEC('21:00:00'))                                    )    AND    
((record.type = 2)      OR     ((TO_DAYS(record.startdate) =
TO                               _DAYS('2003-03-10'))       AND      
(TO_DAYS(record.enddate) =
TO_DAYS('2003-03                               -10'))      )    )   )  )

Driver error was: QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query

Database error was:
You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'Independent Women"" AND
((record.type                                = 4)  OR  ((record.chanid =
6)   AND   ((r' at line 1

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