[mythtv] A Story....

Martyn Weber mythtv at blacksun.uk.com
Mon Mar 10 13:42:03 EST 2003

On Monday 10 March 2003 11:42, Drew Whittle wrote:
> She gets home half way through her show, I get asked 1 question, "Did
> you fix it?" "Nope", stony silence and the glazed look comes over her
> face as she flicks the channel and starts watching her show.

Should have let her watch from the beginning via Myth in progress recording, 
now that really would have brought a smile to her face!

> How the h*ll do I convince her that I really do need my 21 inch monitor
> in the lounge?
You dont, you convince her you need a 28 or 32" monitor or better still a TFT 
TV with computer input. You casually remark that you could probably get 
something for the 21 inch monitor and the TV on ebay to help pay for it.

> Now I've got to copy all the home video's onto the Mythbox, any
> volunteers to add a nice setup to Mythvideo to do this easily? (it's
> beyond me atm - I know I can do it with other tools, but it would be
> cool in Myth)
Sounds like we need a manual record and text entry system to enable us to 
record direct from vcr and enter the show details by hand into the database.

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