[mythtv] Directv and channel changing problem

Robert mythtv at slackassbastards.org
Wed Mar 5 22:39:59 EST 2003

Quoting Andy Davidoff <dert at pobox.com>: 
> OMG!  This was painful to read. :-( 
> Use the attached patch and the ExternalChannelsForTV boolean in your 
> settings table: 
> 	insert into settings values ('ExternalChannelsForTV','1',NULL); 
> Let me know if this does the trick. 
> People with cable boxes that decrypt premium channels will need this 
> feature as well if using the normal coax input... 
Andy, you are my hero (in addition to all of the other fine people who do so 
much to contribute to this project)!  Your patch works perfectly.  Thanks 

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