[mythtv] Directv and channel changing problem

Brad Coleman bradkcoleman at softhome.net
Wed Mar 5 20:20:30 EST 2003

I had the same exact setup (DSS coax into "Television" input) and had to
jump through some hoops for it to work.

Define your video card in setup as:
  Composite1->DirectTv  (and us-broadcast)

Myth will only utilize the external changer command if not using
"Television" input apparently (can this be changed by some brave coder??)

Now the hoop-jumping.  Of course when you try to watch or record TV Myth
will try to jump to Composite1 where you don't actually have a signal.  But
if you exit out of the frontend (but don't kill the backend), startup xawtv
(whose ~/.xawtv file you have set to be on "Television", Channel 3 on
startup), exit back out of xawtv (or kill it if doing all this from a
script), restart frontend.  Now hit "Watch TV" and you will usually be in
business (but sometimes it takes 2-3 iterations of this process) because
Myth thinks it is still in Composite mode but you have secretly switched it
to "Television", therefore the external changer will work.

This is an ugly solution and I have since gone to true Composite input but
before that I had a key on my remote mapped to run a script via irexec that
would do all of the above items and it did work.  It is not a very good
long-term solution as every once in a while Myth will switch itself back to
the "correct" input and screw up a recording for you by recording a blue
screen (and if you try to delete that recording Myth crashes, but after you
restart and delete, all is well).

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> Quoting Tarek Lubani <tarek at tarek.2y.net>:
> > Hey!
> >
> > OK, a few things..
> >
> > 1) What is the format of the command line? For it to gel with myth, it
> > has to be <program> <channel>. example:
> >
> > /usr/bin/controlsat 123
> >
> > changes to channel 123.. It *can't* be:
> >
> > /usr/bin/controlsat 1 2 3
> >
> > which some programs do.. If it is the latter, I urge you to rethink the
> > composure of the program, as it is likely sending out the numbers
> > individually as opposed to a "channel" command with a single variable
> > (channel number).. This can cause errors and also slows things down.
> My script works as:
> /usr/bin/controlsat 123
> >
> > 2) Conventionally, one would put the satellite to a composite in, and
> > then make sure that the external channel changer is enabled.. At this
> True, but I'm not conventional. :)  I currently have the signal from the
> satellite coming in to the coax (cable) input.
> To test. I switched myth to use the composite in and the channel changer
> worked.  As soon as I switched it back to the coax input, the channel
> stopped working.
> > moment I'm not exactly sure how the changer is enabled, but my guess is
> > that it can be configured from the setup parameters..
> I did configure the channel changer through setup. My inputs (#4 in setup)
> look like:
> /dev/video0 (Television)-> Directv
> /dev/video0 (Composite1)-> Directv
> and the external channel changer is defined on both but only works on
> Composite1
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