[mythtv] Core dump in CVS

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Wed Mar 5 12:36:59 EST 2003

Its a Mandrake 9.0 install, with patches applied fairly recently.
QT libs are:

I'm no expert on gdb (we use Forte at work so I only use it occasionally 
at home).  Will the bt show the proper thread by default?  I've
basically just:
gdb mythfrontend core.xxxx

then depending on where it died, moving up in the stack until I
get into myth source (out of the QT libs).

Its a strange one...

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Isaac Richards wrote:

> On Tuesday 04 March 2003 10:45 pm, Brian Foddy wrote:
> > I'm starting to wonder if this might be some reentrant / multi-threaded
> > bad behavior.  The machine is a 2 cpu Pentium II-450.  Will I get
> > enough debug info if I turn on the full optimization with the -g flag?
> > I'd really like to get the resolution back up a bit.
> Hmm.. what version of Qt are you using?  It could very well be a concurrancy 
> issue in the QSocket stuff.
> Isaac
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