[mythtv] MythMusic Feature Attempt

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Tue Mar 4 15:57:58 EST 2003

Ditto for airdates/stars/ratings. :-)

#if m0j0.j0j0 /* Mar 04, 11:05 */
> I was wondering what the chances of getting my "Intelligent playlist"
> stuff worked into MythMusic are? 
> I really don't want to be a pest, but personally I would like to see
> this feature (or one similar). If there are serious issues with the
> patch I provided, let me know and I will attempt to correct them. If
> this seems like a useless feature to people, just say so and I'll shut
> up. ;)
#endif /* m0j0 at foofus.net */

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