[mythtv] mythmusic/audio questions with Shuttle XPC

Martyn Weber mythtv at blacksun.uk.com
Mon Mar 3 23:51:44 EST 2003

On Saturday 01 March 2003 21:33, Michael J. Sherman wrote:
> Hi all,
> This weekend I've been installing MythTV from scratch on my new Shuttle
> SS40G XPC.  Week of experimenting with Myth on my main Linux box had me
> very prepared, but I seem to have hit a few snags with sound. 


> 1) In MythMusic when playing the GUI freezes for periods of up to 45
> seconds.  The music will play flawlessly, but no GUI updates are drawn
> nor keyboard input taken for periods of 30-45 seconds.  I had this
> problem with MythMusic on my main Linux box, but I thought it went away
> when I installed the Alsa drivers.  Not such luck on my new box.  Same
> result.  Alsa drivers seem to be installed fine, and running aplay with
> a .WAV file does result in sound output.
Havent seen /heard this problem, did you install the lastest version of alsa 
or a prebuilt one?

> 2) Sound playback is odd when watching TV.  There is an echo.  It seems
> as though Myth is getting the sound off the sound card input fine, then
> playing it back okay.  But the sound also seems to pass right through to
> the output no matter how I set the mixer settings.  I'm thinking this is
> just some weird hardware quirk with the Shuttle motherboard.  Yes, I
> read the HOW-TO, and yes I set Line1 to Mute and Record.  I think it's a
> hardware thing.
On the SS40G, the correct option is to mute and set as source LINE not LINE1

Im having only two problems with my SS40G, the first is with mythmusic. When 
playing a CD directly I get a rythmic 'bump' type sound, like you used to get 
with a vinal record that had a slight scratch. This is accessing the CD 
digitally as I have no audio connection. Funnily enough if you importthe CD 
the resulting audio is 'perfect'

The second problem I have is with the TVout. When watching TV via video out 
with moderate action I see a lot of artefacts like a blocky ghost trail. For 
some reason this is only with TVout when using the VGA connector its OK. I 
tried this with a cloned X setup and a setup with only one display (relying 
on the bios to detect if the monitor is detected) and its both the same.

Any suggestions welcomed.




I though the SS40G wsa based on the SiS 740 chip set not savage, the savage 
was on the SS50 and 51?

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